Theta Oilfield Services – Digital Oilfield Communication Library


Designed and developed a digital oilfield communication framework.

In order to support fast iterations and introduction of new protocols over reusable transports (TCP/IP, RS232/485), I modeled an architecture through a series of abstraction that achieved normalized separation of client send-receive messaging from the end-device transport and protocol.

By design, a messaging channel (transport,  protocol, behavior) could arbitrarily use a protocol (Modbus, Extended Modbus, ELAM, Weatherford RPC), on a given transport (TCP/IP, RS232/485).  Also, given that some protocols introduce transaction build-up and specialized handshaking, I created a protocol behavior which allowed for exception-based augmentation of the normal send-receive messaging pattern.

Developed an algorithm to efficiently poll Modbus register map using an incremental address-range combining procedure.

The framework saw a 3X performance improvement over an existing implementation.

Implemented the Modbus, Extended Modbus, ELAM, and Weatherford RPC protocols from the specification.



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