Enervest – Route Viewer (Oil/Water Hauler Logistics)

Designed and developed a .NET Windows Application used by oil and water haulers at Enervest to project when it would be time provide material disposition of hydrocarbons to downstream processing facilities. Integrated FTP services into the application and developed back-end data services to export route data files into a compressed formatted distributed via FTP to Read more about Enervest – Route Viewer (Oil/Water Hauler Logistics)[…]

Enervest – MapView (Spatial Representation of Lateral Wells)

Designed and developed a web-based spatial visualization in ASP.NET MVC, leveraging jQuery UI, Bing Map APIs (layers, ornamentation, geometries [lines]) to represent a rough spatial projection of horizontal wells for geoscience technicians to understand conceptually which wells may be communicating with one another within a given reservoir. Designed and developed an administrative interface for user Read more about Enervest – MapView (Spatial Representation of Lateral Wells)[…]

Theta Oilfield Services – XSPOC Development (Contract)

            Supported the catalog of VB6 and .NET client applications and services including: XSPOC Client, a digital oilfield toolbox for controlling and optimizing on-shore producing oil wells. XSPOC Scheduler, a orchestration server for automating backend processing in service to well optimization and data warehousing. XSPOC Dialer, an event-based automated telephony Read more about Theta Oilfield Services – XSPOC Development (Contract)[…]

Theta Oilfield Services – Digital Oilfield Communication Library

Designed and developed a digital oilfield communication framework. In order to support fast iterations and introduction of new protocols over reusable transports (TCP/IP, RS232/485), I modeled an architecture through a series of abstraction that achieved normalized separation of client send-receive messaging from the end-device transport and protocol. By design, a messaging channel (transport,  protocol, behavior) could arbitrarily Read more about Theta Oilfield Services – Digital Oilfield Communication Library[…]

ProLogix – iMan3D (iPad 3D Field Manual)

Designed and developed a mobile application in C#, leveraging the Xamarin multi-platform mobile development framework, designed to present virtual 3-D field service manuals complete with audio and visually cued maintenance tutorials, schematics, mechanical breakdowns, and reference manuals. Developed the client-side domain model using offline XML documents to store all manual data, and references to rich media resources. Worked Read more about ProLogix – iMan3D (iPad 3D Field Manual)[…]